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How do I pay for my membership fees?
Email us for details on your membership title and fees. Later we will guide you on the payment process


Are your team members helpful and skillful?
Our secretariat and committee members are very helpful and skillful. They are part time and full time working women and among hands on and knowledgeable graduates plus students who are committed to any tasks.


What should I do after registration?
Contact or email us for an appointment and meeting with the President and her committee.


Can we still join your classes after the registration has started?
Family immediate members like spouse and one child is entitled for the privilege membership card. Other members of family are encouraged to pay as usual.


How do I help in the fund raising?
You can email us for an appointment with our President. Our secretariat will give you details on the fund raising.


What kind of fund raising I can offer?
We welcome you as a program donor, events organizer, etc.


Are members be paid with salary, allowance, etc?
We are volunteers, members are not employers or employees who receive salary weekly or monthly.  We welcome anyone to participate and become our business, charity and events network.


Calling Writers!

Calling Malaysian students, researchers, entrepreneurs and interested individuals to send your writings and findings to us.

2. Best two cases study winners will be announced as winners and eligible to receive appreciation and gifts from our event sponsors

Send your papers now to

Case Study A

We are approached by many students and researchers. Our mission has caught many eyes on the involvement of Women in Social Enterprise. We invite network and business partner to collaborate with us.

Write in about 5000-6000 words about this issue (in Bahasa Melayu or English Language).

Case Study B

We welcome students and youth to participate in our youth programs. We received feedback from members who faced difficulties in getting support from friends and peers about doing responsibility and corporate social responsibility work.

Write in about 6000-7000 words to elaborate the issue (in Bahasa Melayu or English Language).

Let’s build something great together.

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