My name is Ybhg Madam Tetty Henney Zulkifli. I am leading WIGTA Malaysia or Persatuan Wanita Dalam Urus Tadbir Teknologi Malaysia. The association is a non government organization or women NGO which focus on providing platform for women to achieve success in life, family and career.

I am the President Founder of WIGTA Malaysia

Little change can create impact

Persatuan Wanita Dalam Urus Tadbir Teknologi Malaysia or WIGTA Malaysia is established since 2016. Since its establishment, I have met, lead, helped & trained approximately hundreds of women in business coaching, social enterprise, personal and industrial counseling & financial assistance.
I am a wife, a mother of 4 grown up kids, a grandmother and mother in law. Currently, I am a freelance SME entrepreneur and an Education consultant, and am now furthering my education in Psychology. Besides being busy with family, work & charity activities, I also spare time gardening, writing counseling journals, reading stocks, watching documentary, taking pictures, etc.

I have been utilizing the benefits of internet since the mid year 90s. It is a wonderful journey, path and life phases I come across. From geocities.com till present google.com, I have thoroughly learned about the technology transformation and innovation. Technology moves rapidly. As normal human being, catching up and showing deep interest will keep us sustain in this new era of technology.

The passion in education, technology, children and women have brought me this far. Alhamdulillah, I am still healthy to see and witness the progress that happen in our daily life which involve me, my spouse, my children and country that I live now.

I love to see changes. Thus, sharing new ideas, policies, decisions and knowledge are the greatest effort I shall make in order to see changes are made.

I am proud to be exchanging knowledge and learning with British Council about Policy Making, etc. During following the course, I am glad to meet prominent Figures from UK and several countries who strive for changes and dedicating in making new policies plus knowing and communicating with Educators who guide me throughout the whole weeks.

Care to drop us few words and comments. If you feel like changes can benefit you, family and people you love, share them with me.

We welcome you to become a member of WIGTA MALAYSIA.​ Our main objective is to promote awareness among women how important it is governance and technology in our daily lives.​We offer opportunities. Our society is your company and business platform. We provide you spaces for improvement and ideas to make everyone different than the others.​We will make you and your business stand out in the market. Our team will assist and provide you with our services and expertise. Contact us now! Mdm Tetty Henney Zulkifli, Policy Maker, British Council UK, Psy Counseling Practitioner, University Malaya.

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